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click to open link  in new window Temple Moor Grammar School Leeds.  One of the foremost grammar school at time, the school is now a high school science college.  Interests in music, drama, sports and science with  excellent teaching staff enabled the acheivement of a longheld desire to enter medical training in 1971. click to open link  in new window University of Birmingham Medical School  A ‘traditional red brick’ medical training with an initial two years of preclinical studies. An additional academic year resulted in a BSc in Physiology. Clinical studies throughout the West Midlands area enabled  the Mb ChB qualification in 1977 with registration in 1978 after house posts. click to open link  in new window
After a two year rotational post in general medicine an opportunity was taken to commence a training post in anaesthesia. The two part higher professional qualification in anaesthesia was obtained in 1984, followed by a three year senior registrar post and a successful appointment as Consultant Anaesthetist to West Midlands Regional Health Authority at the Midlands Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurology, (now incorporated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham) with general duties until 2005 at Sandwell hospital. The original qualification of FFARCS has now been changed to the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA). Extensive clinical experience in pain medicine resulted in the award of FFPMRCA in 2008 indicating specialist recognition in pain management.
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