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Anaesthesia.. The scope of practice in anaesthesia is wide and varied including not only the techniques which provide care during surgery whethunder local or general aneasthetic, but also intensive care, pain management, and assessments for all areas of clinical activity. Anaesthetists are probably the last group of doctors who have a wide ranging training within most areas of medicine during their training. After medical school and full registration doctors enter anaesthesia and undergo a training programme which includes all surgical specialities and allied clinical areas, physics, physiology, pharmacology, paediatrics, intensive care, cardiac, neurosciences and many more subspecialities. Higher professional examinations in two parts over several years lead to the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists followed by higher professional training until being accredited as a registered specialist in anaesthesia, and a consultant post. With more than 22 years experience as a leading consultant anaesthetist with wide experience in all areas of anaesthesia and pain medicine I aim to deliver excellence in care throughout my private and public medical practice.
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