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General Data Protections Regulations.   (GDPR) From May 25th 2018 the former Data Protection Act is replaced by the european GDPR which clarifies, formalises and regulates the way that data about us all is held, the manner in which it is stored and shared and the responsibilities both data managers and processors need to ensure its safety and accuracy. The information held on you by doctors and other clinical colleagues is also regulated by statute which requires your data to be retained, even if inactive, for up to 30 years. The documentation required for GDPR compliance outlines in great detail the ways that I and my clinical colleagues hold, share and process your information and for which purposes it need to be used, transferred and amended. I also clarifies and confirms your rights to see, review or amend any errors. The link below will allow you to understand what data I hold, how and to whom it is processed and how it is stored and transferred securely. Data is encrypted in storage,  transfer and processing both by my team and by any agency with whom information needs to be shared.